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About GM dexos®

GM has found that using substandard oil can affect engine performance and, in the worst case scenario, may damage or harm the engine. Only licensed dexos® products have been certified by GM to meet the dexos® specification. Unlicensed products have not gone through GM's rigorous testing process, are not monitored for quality, and are not approved or recommended for use in GM vehicles. Unlicensed product quality and suitability for GM vehicles cannot be guaranteed and, therefore, use of unlicensed products may result in lower levels of performance and could cause engine damage that may not be covered under warranty.

There are many authentic licensed dexos® products readily available at retail outlets, service repair shops, quick lube operations, and GM service centers. dexos® licensed products are easy to identify. Simply look for the dexos® icon on the front label and the 11 digit alphanumeric dexos® license number on the back label. Unless an oil package displays these two markings, the engine oil is not an authentic, licensed dexos® product and is not recommended for use in GM vehicles.